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Bent Fork and Shattered Shoulder

November 21, 2023

A message from Mike Gorman:

This letter is a heartfelt THANK YOU to all in the KCC who have expressed their concern and best wishes to me following my August bike crash and recovery. A special thanks to Jim Wemyss for cutting the grass, Art Hornibrook for the shoulder refrigeration unit and to Keith and Christie Noris for the wellness visits. The new 2023 model shoulder is working better and better each day and progress is easier with all the good wishes cheering me on!

My crash happened on a KCC scheduled ride and therefore the protocols of the OC insurance have kicked in. The accident was reported to the OC through the online form by the ride leader and was followed up by the insurer Gallagher. Forms were submitted from the hospital and surgeon and the process was easy. The Insurer followed up with a phone call that was cordial, friendly and thorough. They will be paying for any continuing therapy once OHIP and private insurance is used up. Much to my surprise they also have an indemnity payment of a significant amount to defray extra costs such as travel to treatment and other loses.

Overall, I am well pleased with OC Insurance and the process. I am glad the KCC, as a club is affiliated with the OC. Our previous insurer would not have provided benefits to the rider, only protecting the club and directors.

Now to get back to training!

Mike Gorman President Kawartha Cycling Club.

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