2022 Kawartha Cycling Club

2022 membership details available now.

New member?

Join us in our cycling adventures and take advantage of all the benefits the Kawartha Cycling Club offers:

  • experienced and enthusiastic riding companions
  • weekly group rides at relaxed touring, sportif (sporting), and competitive levels
  • scheduled time trials
  • organized away trips
  • insurance coverage while you participate in scheduled club riding events
  • discounts on purchases at cycling retailers
  • club cycling communication via e-mail, Facebook and twitter
  • KCC custom riding apparel
  • the fitness and sense of well-being that comes from cycling itself

To comply with the requirements of our insurance policy, you will not be able to participate in Club events until you’ve become a KCC member.  All participants in club activities must be Club members (exception guest ride participants) and all must abide by KCC rules. Insurance is in effect during club activities only – scheduled rides, time trials, etc. – NOT on the way to and from a club ride activity.

2022 Membership Fee (per person):

  • Under 19 years of age: $20
  • 19 years of age and older: $50

To join, you must accept the:

and you must also agree to abide by the Club’s risk management policy

There are two ways to register:

KCC’s Registration Partner, Cycle Component Network (CCN Bikes)

By Phone:
Contact CNN:
Mon – Fri
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)

CCN accepts VISA or Mastercard.

Note: For under 19 members please follow the instructions during the registration process. You will be asked to download a waiver form to be signed by a parent or guardian and e-mailed to the Club at nqzva@xnjnegunplpyvatpyho.pbz.

Guest Rider Program

We offer potential members and out of town guests an opportunity to ride with our Club twice (2x) during the season on regularly schedules rides (not away trips). This is a good opportunity for members to introduce friends to our group!


  • Participants are required to complete the Guest Information Form prior to joining a ride as a Guest Rider
  • Interested potential members and guests may join two regular scheduled rides with the Club at no charge
  • Although e-bikes are allowed on some KCC rides special permission (based on cyclists skill and experience) is required for Guest Riders
  • Participants are asked to review the ride type descriptions to be sure you are joining a ride that is suitable for your current bicycle and physical condition

Guest Information Form

KCC 2022 Club Waiver

Review and agree to follow all KCC safety rules

The ride I would like to join is on: