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2023 Executive Nominations Are Open

October 30, 2022

It takes YOU to keep the wheels rolling!

Kawartha Cycling Club is a volunteer-run organization, and as we approach our 2022 AGM (watch for a save the date next week), it is time to start thinking about how we keep the club fresh and fun for everyone. Nominations are now open for our 2023 KCC Directors. Volunteer roles will work a little differently this year – more information to follow. In order to nominate yourself or someone who you think would be awesome in KCC Leadership simply email to XPPrkrp@tznvy.pbz and let us know who you’re nominating and for what role.

Nominations are open for the following roles:

President & Director

Duties include:

  • Act as a Director for Kawartha Cycling Club
  • Act as the Chairperson for Executive, Members, and Annual General Meetings
  • Prepare a welcome letter for inclusion in the membership registration package
  • Act as signing officer for banking transactions
  • Coordinate the annual review and revision of Executive Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ensure website content is reviewed with the Communications Coordinator regularly
  • Respond to inquiries received at the Kawartha Cycling Club Executive email address
  • Ensure Sports Injury Forms are completed, reviewed by the directors and officers, and submitted to the insurer, as required.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Following their tenure, the President becomes the Immediate Past President until the AGM which follows the end of their tenure as President.

Treasurer & Director

Duties include:

  • Develop annual operating budget and make recommendations regarding membership free for the upcoming year
  • Maintain current and accurate financial records, including reconciling bank statements
  • Validate expense reports filed by Executive members and confirm appropriate documentation has been submitted prior to issuing payment for the expense
  • Prepare financial statements for presentation at Executive meetings
  • Prepare and present year-end financial statement at Annual General Meeting
  • Act as signing officer for banking transactions
  • Manage setup and maintenance of payment processing for KCC registration fees
  • Maintain and submit all government returns and reports as required, including an annual income tax return along with changes in Directors and Officers.
  • Maintain for reference purposes, all copies of government reports and returns
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Secretary & Director

Duties include:

  • Solicit agenda items from other committee members for all Board meetings and AGM
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda prior to the respective meetings
  • Take Minutes at all meetings. Distribute to all Directors for review and acceptance
  • Maintain complete records regarding agenda and minutes via Google Drive and www.kawarthacyclingclub.com
  • Maintain for reference purposes electronic copies of minutes, ride and tour schedules, policy statements, constitution documents, membership lists, and relevant correspondence
  • Revise the Risk Management Policy, Policy and Procedures, and Executive Duties and Responsibilities documents as per the annual review and direction from The Executive
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned


How do I nominate someone?

You email xpprkrp@tznvy.pbz and tell us who you would like to nominate and for what role. The current executive will reach out to anyone who you nominate and confirm that they would like to accept the nomination.

Can I nominate myself?

Sure! Please do! We love it when you tell us what you’re interested in.

Deadline for nominations?

Ideally, you’ll send in your nominations no later than November 11, 2022 so that we have lots of time to prepare for the AGM, but we will do a last call at the Annual General Meeting for anyone who needed a little longer to think about it.

Is there support for me while I transition into this role?

Absolutely! We’re here to help you succeed in your new role if you’re elected, and we’ll make sure you have the skills and tools to make things easy.

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