Road Rides


KCC Road Rides

Road rides will cover approximately 40‐60 kms at an average speed in excess of 23 km/hour over both flat and rolling terrain, usually in an alternating‐leader formation, with a mid‐ride break and a total elapsed time of 2.5‐3.0 hours. Riders will need to be/become comfortable and predictable riding in fairly close proximity and in changing position within the group. A “road” bike (with drop bars and smooth/lightly treaded tires 28 mm or less in width) is highly recommended. (A mountain or other upright bike with off‐road tires will not allow you to maintain the pace or control required for this kind of riding.)

Rides may separate into faster and slower groups as required, but groups will wait at stopsigns/intersections for trailing riders. Groups of riders may on occasion employ a (constantly rotating) pace line (at the group’s discretion and if road and traffic conditions allow).

Road Rides are as follows:

Any changes to the calendar specifics will be announced in advance via the weekly Ride Announcement email.

Sunday Morning Ride: 9:00 am. or earlier in the summer.

Start Location:

Road Ride Start Location

Sunday Afternoon Ride: 1:30 pm.

 Start Locations: Alternating between: Victoria Park Armoury – Lindsay or Spokes for Folks – Cambray.

Special Note:  For 2017 – Some Sunday Afternoon Rides will start in Dunsford.

See Ride Calendar for Weekly Start Location

 Wednesday Evening Ride: 6:00 pm.

Start Location:

Road Ride Start Location

Rides are weather permitting, meaning they may not go if it is consistently raining at start time.

Rides will be cancelled or shortened if lightning is detected in the area.

Check the Weather Radar before you head out to the ride.