KCC Relaxed Touring Rides


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Relaxed Touring refers to rides of normally 30 to 60 km. Riders may be placed in different groups depending on distance and speed desired. For example:

–A group (faster, more experienced riders covering greater distance at average speeds of approximately 21-27 km/hr.)

–B group (riders cover either the longer or shorter distance with average speeds in the 18-21 km/hr.)

–C group (more relaxed group will cover the shortest distance at reduced speeds < 18 km/hr. ideal for those new to riding or for a more relaxed social outing).

Our rides feature both flat and rolling terrain as well as rail trails. Rest stops are incorporated frequently (approx every 30 minutes) and NO RIDER IS LEFT BEHIND. Ride times vary but often include a lunch stop (check the calendar). These rides are very social in nature – so be prepared to discuss a wide variety of topics with a diverse group of participants.

For relaxed touring, most bikes are acceptable however they should be in good working order with multiple gearing to handle hills. Hybrid, road, tandem, recumbent and battery assisted e-bikes all join the group.

 Thursday Touring rides: Depart at 10 AM from various locations (please check the calendar). 

Updates and change notices will be given in the weekly ride announcement email.


Ride Coordinators: Art Hornibrook & Deb Craven