2018 Kawartha Cycling Club (KCC) Membership  

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A new cycling season is at hand, and now is the time to renew your membership or sign up as a new member.

To comply with the requirements of our Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) insurance policy, you will not be able to participate in Club events until you’ve become a KCC member. Third party liability insurance is provided by the OCA to all KCC members. All participants in club activities must be Club members (exception try-a-ride participants) and all must abide by KCC rules. Insurance is in effect during club activities only – scheduled rides, Time trials, etc. – NOT on the way to and from a club ride activity.

Our adult membership fee for 2017 season is $60 per person ($40 OCA fee and $20 for the Club). The under 19 fee is $46 ($40 OCA fee and $6 for the Club).  To join, you must accept the OCA Waiver, Release & Indemnity Agreement, and you must also agree to abide by the Club’s Risk Management Policies. KCC-Risk-Management-Policy-2017-rev4

We will accept on-line or telephone registrations only through the Clubs Registration Partner, Cycle Component Network (CCN Bikes), who will handle the registrations and payments, and will maintain our membership data base for us.

You can pay with VISA or MasterCard (American Express, PayPal, and Interac Debit are not accepted).

Initially CCN will connect you to the OCA site to either purchase or confirm that you have paid the OCA fee ($40). Following this step you will be returned to the KCC  section to complete the disclaimers and pay the Club fee ($20). You will also have the opportunity to purchase Club Kit. All transaction fees will be paid by the Club and theOCA. Note you will only use your credit card once in this process at the end for a total of $60.00 plus any Kit items.

For under 19 members please follow the instructions during the registration process. You will be asked to download a waiver form to be signed by a parent or guardian and e-mailed to the OCA.  All Payments will still be made via CCN.

If you are unable to register and pay on-line, you can contact:

CCN by phone at 1-866-534-2453  Mon – Fri  8:30am. – 5:00 pm. Pacific time and they will be happy to take your registration by phone.

If neither of these options works for you a member of the executive team will be happy to assist you as will Spokes for Folks who can also pay on your behalf for a small transaction fee (you pay them at the shop).

Follow the Join Now link to register as a member.




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