Kawartha Cycling Club Heritage


The Bobcaygeon Independent and Midland Counties Herald
June 11, 1897

– expect to accomplish everything in a day.
– be afraid to ride a diamond-frame wheel.
– go into a century without training first.
– forget that the race is won in the last sprint.
– begin to ride for at least an hour after meals.
– drink cold fluids when overheated from riding.
– go out on a long run without being prepared for accidents to the wheel.
– drink cold water. Gargle the throat and rinse the mouth with it when thirsty.
– lose sight of the fact that the bicycle is a great developer of physical beauty.
– permit a feeling of nervousness to affect you when learning to ride a wheel.
– make any sacrifices to secure lightness of the wheel. Lightness means less rigidity.
– fail to remember that those ahead cannot hear you unless you ring your bell.
– imagine you are an expert unless you can manage a wheel without putting your hands on the bars.
– make a fool of yourself by riding without your hands on the bars, or show off by riding with one hand.
– forget you are entitled to half the road, (not the side.) So persons driving horses, don’t wait to be signalled, but quickly turn out.
– lack confidence in yourself when learning to ride.
– loose sight of the fact that you must peddle straight.
– race until you have prepared yourself for the strain.
– pass a wheelman in distress without offering assistance.
– ride so long that you return home thoroughly exhausted.
– put all the force of your pedaling in the downward push.
– wait until you become tired before turning for home.
– blame the other fellow for every collision you happen to be in.
– forget that others have as much right to the road as yourself.
– ride more than a mile at a time if a greater distance tires you.
– try to do too much at the start, particularly if you are a woman.
– allow your leg to get perfectly straight at any time while riding.
– have your saddle so far to the rear that your position is not easy.
– jump off your wheel and throw yourself down on the damp grass.