The Kawartha Cycling Club has a number of CAN-BIKE trained & nationally certified highly skilled  instructors.

KCC is able to offer most of the courses outline below.  Please contact the Club if you are interested in taking one of the courses below.  See KCC  Offered Course below.

CAN-BIKE Program Overview

Designed for the more than 14 million Canadians who ride bicycles, the Canadian Cycling Association’s CAN-BIKE program is a series of courses on all aspects of cycling safely and enjoyably on the road; it is oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling. The CAN-BIKE cycling safety program provides a nationally standardized set of courses that can be taught through a variety of organizations who are interested in education, safety and health.

CAN-BIKE Instructors are nationally certified highly skilled cyclists and instructors.

CAN-BIKE Courses

Kids Courses – KCC

  • Kids CAN-BIKE Festival ages 8 – 13, introduces children to key bicycle handling skills necessary for safe riding, as well as correct helmet use, checking bicycles for mechanical problems, and preventing bicycle thefts. Parents and caregivers work with their children to develop safe habits and attitudes.
  • Kids CAN-BIKE ages 9 to 13 provides 12 hours of in-class and on-bike instruction, which teaches steering, signaling, right and left turns, changing gears, braking and avoiding road hazards. Young cyclists are taught to ride safely to school or to the local swimming pool on residential streets. Participants must be able to ride a bike.

Beginner Adult CoursesKCC

  • CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 1 ages 14+, 3 hours on bike learning how to balance, start, stop and turn.
  • CAN-BIKE Adult Learn to Ride 2 ages 14+, 3 hours on bike for people who are too unsteady to ride on streets. You will learn to balance, start, turn and use your gears with confidence.

Advanced Adult CoursesKCC

  • CAN-BIKE 1 ages 14+, 12 hours for cyclists who already ride on residential streets or bike paths. Develop skills and build confidence in low traffic neighborhoods.
  • CAN-BIKE Cycling Freedom for Women ages 14+, 12 hours for women, taught by women. Similar to CAN-BIKE 1, but addresses specific concerns such as security at night and riding with children.
  • CAN-BIKE Rural Cycling ages 14+, 6 or 12 hours, for the rural resident or the cyclist who intends to do a lot of rural riding. Develop skills and build confidence while learning the challenges specific to rural cycling.
  • CAN-BIKE 2 ages 14+, 18 hours of advanced skill and knowledge development in defensive cycling for commuter and recreational cyclists who already ride in traffic. Includes classroom bike handling skills and riding in all traffic conditions. This course will improve your skill and confidence in riding in challenging traffic situations. CAN-BIKE 1 is not a pre-requisite for CAN-BIKE 2. This certificate course is quite often a requirement for jobs that involve cycling and a pre-requisite for many bike squad members across Canada.

For More Information you can proceed to the  CAN-BIKE Website or Check out the  CanBike  Brochure.